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Metropolia Myyrmäki Campus Sports and Wellness

May 24, 2011

Some time ago Johanna Daniel a French exchange student wrote an article about the sports facilities in Metropolia. The sports complex of Metropolia Myyrmäki campus is made of two main areas. In the first area there is a large gymnasium which represents about 75% of the total surface of the complex with the remaining area being changing rooms, sauna and of course small gym.

The sports hall is divided out efficiently with equipment for multiple sports. It is therefore possible to play:

·         football (removable goals)

·         basketball (at least 6 nets)

·         badminton (several nets)

·         futsal (goals etc)

·         handball

·         volleyball (several removable nets)

·         sport climbing rope

·         gymnastics rings

·         floorball

A ping pong table is also available and several rackets, plus you can use the table outside when the weather is ok

There are general  activities organised throughout the year and you do not need to register or pay anything, just show up at the time indicated below to the sport you want to practice.

Often there are football matches organised, for example by students with information available on Facebook.

Important! only wear white based indoor runners i.e. non marking runners!!!

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
15 :00 Badminton(15 :00-15 :55) Badminton(15 :00-16 :35) Badminton(15 :00-15 :55) Badminton(15 :00-15 :55)
16 :00 Perfect Body(16 :00-17 :00) Sport interactions16 :00 Sport interactions men’sfloorball
16 :30   Futsal(16 :00-17 :30) Zumba(16 :30-17 :30) (16 :00-17 :00) (16 :00-17 :00)
17 :00 Stretching(17 :00-17 :30) Sport interactions
17 :30 Badminton17 :30-18 :30 Sport interactions (17 :05-18 :00)
18 :00 Abdominal and dorsal sport Futsal Badminton(18 :05-19 :00)
18 :30 Sport interactions (18 :00-19 :00) (18 :00-20 :00)
19 :00 (18 :35-20 :00) Sport interactions(19 :05-20 :00)
19 :30

As mentioned, there is the gym which is a room with 16 training devices. You can listen to music and exercise when the school is open.

Johanna Daniel

In the locker room there are several showers and  a sauna which is open only on Friday (14:00-15:00 Women ; 15:00-16:00 Men)

For more information or news about sports click here

Report by Johanna Daniel

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