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Introducing, Anna and Finn , our third year stars

December 13, 2013

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MBS Blogger: Welcome Anna and Finn, Can first tell us about who you are and where did you hear about Metropolia Business School?

Anna Piltonen (AP) : European Business Administration ’11, on my 3rd year exchange student.  I heard about MBS from the application website.

Finn Rautenstrauch (FR):  I’m an European Management ’11 student. I first heard, or rather read, about Metropolia when I was looking for schools in spring 2011 that offer business education in Helsinki, Finland.

MBS Blogger: Why did you want to study in Metropolia Business School?

AP: The course description was interesting and also the fact that the lecturing staff was international.

FR: I applied for several English business programs around Helsinki. What made MBS stand out was the option to do a Double Degree. Then also the day of the entrance exams was a memorable experience. I enjoyed a lot the focus on group activities and that teachers and staff members actively participated. This was very different compared to other entrance exams I attended.

MBS Blogger: What is your Double Degree exchange partner university? How does the culture differ from your native country’s? How have you adjusted to them?

AP: I’m at the Univesrity of Hertfordshire, Hatfield UK

My home country is Finland. The ways of handling things differ quite radically. Everything seems to be handled in the most difficult way imaginable, or then the British “common sense” is so much different from the Finnish one. One example would be customer service numbers. You go through at least 6 different automated selections before you actually are able to talk to a person, or maybe not even then. Plus they cost you extra and a lot of extra. Another one would be getting anything done. People here are so specialized that only one person knows about a certain thing and is able to help you if you have questions. At this point, nothing surprises me.

FR: I’m studying at ESC Rennes in France

My home country is Germany and, even though Germany and France are neighbors, there are quite a few differences, especially when it comes to punctuality and organizing. It’s difficult to give general examples but what I can say is that nothing should be taken as granted. I don’t mean this in a negative way – it’s a great experience to see a different approach to (small) things you have only seen done in one way (both in Finland and Germany).

MBS Blogger: What are your future plan after Metropolia?

AP: I have no certain path that I’d like to follow. Maybe do masters in marketing (or marketing communications) in Finland or in the UK, or then keep working if I have been able to find a nice internship for next autumn.

FR: I’m almost certain that I will go do my master degree after graduating from Metropolia. This is, however, still far away. So my main focus at the moment is on the internship I will have to do after my stay in Rennes. Hopefully, I will know more about what I want to do exactly after that.

MBS Blogger: What is one of the best things in your journey with MBS?

AP: Our lecturers or actually the whole staff in general! They are amazing!

FR: Definitely the culture and the learning approach at MBS. It’s just amazing how approachable teachers, staff members and other students are and all the activities that are being organized – this spirit is something we really need to keep alive!

MBS Blogger: Can you describe your time in MBS in three words.

AP: Challenging (in a good way!), Homey :D and Wonderful.

FR: Family, Fun, Freedom! :D

MBS Blogger; And finally is there anything you would like to add?

FR: Maybe just this; whoever likes to know more about ESC Rennes, France, exchange etc.  feel free to contact me :)



Thanks Anna and Finn for your time and the MBS blog team wishes you a great time with your studies and hopes you enjoy your exchange yea would have a great second year with MBS.

The Happy Ending Party

December 12, 2013


One of the parties this year! The Happy Ending Party is in the end of the autumn semester “to blow up the steam” after exams and projects. But did you know that organizing the event was a school project? Yes Metropolia students have once again created something great!

The happy ending party is on 18th of December in MAXINE. You can buy tickets beforehand at ESN offices for €4. You can also buy tickets at the door for €6.

Remember to check out the Happy Ending Party Facebook page for more information!

See you there!

The happy Ending Party Facebook

MBS Facebook

MBS Twitter

Our second-year stars share their experiences with MBS

December 11, 2013

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MBS Blogger:  Hi Mirza, Anni and Peeter! First tell us about yourself and where did you hear about our Metropolia Business School?

Mirza Hasanzade (MH): International Business and Logistics. Started in 2012. I heard about it through my brother who is studying in the Leppävaara campus.
Anni Erkinaro (AE): European Management, second year. While searching for study places online.
Peeter-Erik Kiis
 (PK): I am a 2nd year International Business and Logistics student. Group code is LD12S1. The first time I heard about Metropolia Business School was most likely when using public transportation. I remember that the school had an advertising campaign called “Be a star” or something along those lines. It caught my attention on multiple occasions and eventually I decided to look into it because I was in the process of choosing my university.

MBS Blogger: Why did you want to study in MBS?

MH: My brother was studying in Metropolia for one year already and he liked it so when I was searching for Logistics degrees in Finland and found out that there is one in Metropolia, I just had to apply!
AE: It seemed interesting and something different from the tradenomi side, I also liked the fact that studies were wholly conducted in English.
 For the entrance examination period I wanted to sign myself up for 3 exams to improve my chances of being accepted. My first choice of major was “Experience and Wellness management” at Haaga-Helia UAS but as it turned out I only managed to place as a reserve applicant because of my mediocre score. For Metropolia however I scored very high, well above the average. In addition to this I found the entrance examination process to be superb with a high number of international staff and a well-organized agenda/venue. Based on the entrance examination process and my suitability for the field of business I decided to turn down my reserve spot at Haaga-Helia and choose Metropolia Business School.

MBS Blogger: How have you liked it here?

MH: I’ve never been as excited as now about studying. Teachers are great and fun to listen so we don’t get too easily bored. Sometimes there is too much workload but by the time passes you slowly start to learn to do them in time and not doing them just before deadline! J
AE: Mostly I’ve liked it very much. I love the international, family-like atmosphere. The native English-speaking lecturers know how to present subjects in an interesting way and give new perspectives. I’m also looking forward to the third year as I will conduct my compulsory but oh-so-exciting student exchange!
 The first year was very intense because I chose many elective courses during both semesters. While the first year was tough I did learn a lot. As time went by I became happier because I knew I had made the right choice with Metropolia. The lecturers are all extremely professional and helpful when it comes to courses. They are also easily approachable with any and all problems one might have. Our class is highly diverse with people from a number of backgrounds. This makes group work more challenging but also more rewarding. Perhaps the only thing that bothers me at MBS is the fact that they decided to fire Heidi Kaukoranta, our international coordinator in the middle of the semester when we needed her the most. This is something they should have spent more time on before making any decisions which can deteriorate the quality of our studies.

MBS Blogger: Any topic you are interested in?

MH: Business Intelligence, Finance, Accounting. Because I am good with numbers and I’ve done great in these courses.
AE: In my studies I find management and marketing the most interesting ones; I like interacting with other people and have some marketing-related work experience. 
While enjoying all of my compulsory courses I did opt for some electives as well. Something that I found particularly close to my heart is the Asian studies. Mr. Jukka Lahtinen is the head lecturer who has been running the Asia courses at Metropolia for years now. The reason why I am so interested in them is because my wife is from China and I also spent a year living and working there. Therefore I am rather knowledgeable of the Chinese culture yet I still want to learn more. Currently I am finishing my 3rd intensive course with Mr. Lahtinen and as soon as I finish I will acquire the Asian Diploma. This diploma will prove highly valuable for my future as I see myself working in Asia-Pacific countries.

MBS Blogger: Do you know what you want to do after Metropolia? 
MH: I am not sure what I want to do in the future but most likely I will work in Business Intelligence field or open my own company in Finland or maybe move somewhere warmer! One day at a time, no big plans yet!
AE: Maybe a Master’s degree in another University, management/pr/marketing related
PK: After Metropolia I plan on moving back to Asia-Pacific with my wife. The whole reason why I moved back from China in the first place was to get an education. Owning a degree will help me significantly in realizing my aspiration, which is a career and a life in Asia-Pacific. Currently I am working part-time but this is only to make ends meet. I’m also planning my exchange year in Asia-Pacific and I have already contacted some schools to gather information about their programs etc. If everything works out I’ll be spending my 3rd study year in either Malaysia or China. In order to make all of this this work I will try to maintain a fairly high average grade so that my diploma would look good. If things go according my plans, the degree I will receive from MBS will assist me in setting up a good life in the Orient.

MBS Blogger: Anything else you wish to add?
MH: Don’t stress too much and enjoy your time in Metropolia because after that it is only a downhill! Imagine you can’t even get student discounts after you’ve graduated! :)
PK: Not much to add really. The only thing left to mention is that not once have I regretted choosing MBS as my place of education. If anyone where to ask me: “Would you recommend me to go to Metropolia Business School?” I would answer yes a hundred times. Not saying that Metropolia is suitable for everyone, but for those who want a career in business it is THE BEST Finland has to offer.

MBS Blogger: Thanks all for your time and wish you would have a great second year with MBS.

Photo: © Marko Korkeakoski,  © Hekki Elias Tuominen

Our Stars share their stories with MBS

December 9, 2013

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“It seemed interesting and something different from the tradenomi side; I liked that the studies were wholly conducted in English.”
– Anni Erkinaro (EM 12)

“Don’t stress too much and enjoy your time in Metropolia!”
– Mirza Hasanzade (IBL 12)

“Our class is highly diverse with people from a number of backgrounds.”
– Peeter-Erik Kiis (IBL 12)

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“Our lecturers or actually the whole staff in general! They are amazing!”
– Anna Piltonen (EBA 11)

“Argh, always this question…. Maybe: Family, fun, freedom :D”
–  Finn Rautenstrauch EM 11

… and MBS, this our snapshots of the interviews. Should you all know to more about their stories, stay tuned with us for coming exclusive interviews with our special stars

Happy Independence day Finland! Hyvää itsenäisyyspäivää!

December 6, 2013

On 6th December, people of many countries gets presents from Santa. Paradoxically, Finland, despite being a country of Santa, celebrates his day after “regular” date.  And for any non Finns out there, 6.12.1917 is a date of adapting a Declaration of Finnish Independence from Russian Empire.  I found it very fun to see Google sites celebrating the day as well

During the day, televisions broadcast many “topic – oriented” movies, churches organise special masses, the poorest citizens can count on special help from the Government and many other institutions, there is a flag raised on the Observatory Hill in Helsinki (Tähtitorninmäki) and many demonstrants come out to the streets with flags and chants (often political ones) on their lips.

“It is traditional for many Finnish families to light two candles in each window of their home in the evening. This custom dates to the 1920s, but even earlier, candles had been placed in windows on the birthday of poet Johan Ludvig Runeberg as a silent protest against perceived Russian oppression. A popular legend has it that two candles were used as a sign to inform young men on their way to Sweden and Germany to become jägers that the house was ready to offer shelter and keep them hidden from the Russians.”

Wish you all a wonderful Independence Day!

(Source: Google sites and LifestyleBlog)

Interested in a Finance Career? So don’t miss BAT this December and register now.

December 4, 2013


Bloomberg Institute, the educational extension of Bloomberg LP is offering the Bloomberg Aptitude Test (BAT) free of charge to students and recent graduates.

It will help you benchmark yourself and also connect you with over 20,000 employers around the world !

Registration link:


Metropolia Business School, Leiritie 1, Myyrmäki, Vantaa

13.12.2013 @ 15:00 – 18:00 (room A118)

If you can not attend the current session, then you can take it anytime online, you’ll need a webcam.
Online Registration link:
If any question and problem, you can also contact our MBS representative of BAT Vitalie Antoci (our talented and fun EBA’12 finance geek ) at He would also share his experience and tips on how to ace the test :-)

Watch out the Eye Watching competition this December!

December 4, 2013







Metropolia students created the Eye Watching competition as a part of the digital marketing course.  To participate you just need to take an eye-watching picture and post it on their Facebook page.

The competition will last until the midnight on 7th of December so everybody still has some time to post his or her pictures to enter the competition.  As it is a competition there is a price! Winner gets a free entrance and €15 to spend for the happy ending party!  You can vote for the winner from 8th  until the 14th.

Check out the pictures and take your own! You can find the rules on their Facebook!

Competition on Facebook


Ps. To learn more about the happy ending party remember to read this blog and follow us on our MBS Facebook and Twitter @MetropoliaBusSc!